Capuchin Monkeys


capuchin2-c.jpgThe capuchin’s body is nimble and slender, the limbs thin. The thumbs and big toes are opposable to the other fingers and toes. The head is round with short hairs at the back which are darker than the rest of the coat; the long tail is covered with hair and is partly prehensile. Length of head and body 12.8-22.4 inches (32-56 cm), tail about the same; weight 3.3-8.8 pounds (1.5-4 kg).


Forests, but these species have also adapted to places colonized by man. Southern Central America.


It lives in quite large groups, hidden among the dense arboreal vegetation of the forest; it descends to the ground only to drink. Each group has its own home range-often quite extensive-in which the members move about in search of the most abundant feeding grounds. The various members of the group remain in contact with one another by calling. In order to keep their sense of direction and mark territory they leave a scent amount the foliage of the trees by soaking their feet and hands in their urine (urine-washing).


They feed on fruit, insects, leaves, small birds, and possibly also on small mammals


After a gestation period of about 6 months, the female gives birth to a single young, which she weans after a few months.