Monkeys – Conservation Concerns

Picture source: Monkey Matters Website

Picture source:
Monkey Matters Website

Monkeys in the wild tend to lose much of their habitat due to deforestation and other human activities. Monkeys have been hunted for food in tropical areas. For example, Guenons remain threatened by hunting for their meat. Some populations with more limited distributions are particularly endangered. The Callithrix green monkey is known to be naturally immune to the SIV, similar to the human HIV. These monkeys are trapped and researched in order to find the vaccine against AIDS. The South American marmosets are often captured and sold as pets. Colobus Monkeys of Africa are hunted for their pelts. The lion-tailed Macaque of southwest India is believed to be the most rare of the Old World monkeys in the world. It is in danger of extinction nowadays. The Macaques and Langurs are endangered in Asia as well. Due to deforestation in their natural habitat, the Atlantic Coastal forests of southeastern Brazil, the Woolly Spider monkeys are confined to less than 3 percent of their original habitat area. Therefore, the Wooly Spider monkey (muriqui) is considered one of the most threatened primate species in the world. Blue monkeys are not only at risk because of the deforestation process. They are sometimes hunted as pests, as they tend to debark young trees in softwood plantations. There are a number of organizations concerned with endangered status of monkeys.

Monkeys – Educational Links

Picture source: BBC - A to Z Index © MMIII

Picture source:
BBC – A to Z Index ©

Artificial Weaning of Monkeys: Benefits and Costs – Read an interesting research on artificial weaning of monkeys. View pictures.

Belize Zoo, The – Black Howler Monkey – Wildlife resource consists of descriptions of this large primate, such as habitat, food, and reproduction. Includes audio-video clips and photos.

Captive Animals Protection Society – The missing monkeys and Blackpool Zoo.

Green Monkeys Behavior – Read about diurnal behavior of Great Monkeys. Term paper by Angela Graf and Staphanie Rainer.

Int’l Primate Protection League – Read about news updates and membership details relating to this South Carolina organization. Includes a photo album and a catalog.

Millennium Fellowship – International Conservation – Social Organization and Genetic Biology of the Owl Monkey.

Origins – Ancestors of humans and apes possibly found. CNN news.

Primate Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory – Harvard University’s lab studies vocal communication and conceptual representation among primates. Find photos, sound files, and video clips.

San Francisco Zoo – Techniques of molecular genetic analysis promise a watershed of new information about the zoo animals and their cousins in the wild.

Spider Monkeys – Geographic distribution of Spider Monkeys.

The Distribution of the Black Squirrel Monkey – By Dylan Schwindt. Read about the Black Squirrel Monkey, its distribution, see some pictures.

Monkeys – Conservation and Rescue Links

2000 Conservation Annual Report – Read about the conservation of forest monkeys in the Ivory Coast’s Tai National Park.

Born Free Foundation’s Primate Project – Learn about this project dedicated to conserving and

Picture source: Gibbon Research Lab © Thomas Geissmann

Picture source:
Gibbon Research Lab ©
Thomas Geissmann

protecting monkeys in their natural habitat. Read about its rescue objectives.

Colobus Monkeys – Save the Colobus Monkeys in Diani, Kenya.

Conservation – Tropical American Tree Farms growing precious tropical hardwoods. They are planting trees along the rivers to attract and feed the birds and animals.

Help Rescue Monkeys – Most people are not aware of the horrors that go on in animal research laboratories. View photos and help rescue monkeys from research.

Monkey World – Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre.

Oregon Primate Rescue – A nonprofit organization established in 1998. USDA licensed and registered with the Department of Justice and the Secretary of State.

Primate Conservation – Volunteer nonprofit foundation is dedicated to studying, preserving and maintaining the habitats of the most endangered primates. Gather news.

Simian Society of America – Nonprofit organization was founded in 1957 to enhance the well being of varying species of primates in captivity. Print a membership application.

Support Conservation of Monkeys at the PRSP – Former pet monkeys are rehabilitated, reintroduced and protected in their natural environment. View pictures and consider adopting a monkey.