Monkey Facts

Monkeys – Habitat

Monkeys are found in South and Central America, Africa and some of the southern parts of Asia. Tropical forests and subtropics are the natural habitat of monkeys. Due to year-round warm temperatures, monkeys find their necessary food supply.

Monkeys – Diet

Monkeys feed on flower, grass, leaves, nuts, roots, insects, birds’ eggs, frogs, and lizards. Basically, monkeys are known to eat any forage they find in the forest.

Monkeys – Social Life

Monkeys are social animals. As for New World monkeys, their groups usually consist of 20 members at maximum. Old World monkey troops have from 30 to 100 members. Family groups, multi-male groups and one-male groups comprise the three kinds of social monkey groups. Family groups consist of an adult male, an adult female and their young monkeys. As the name goes, multi-male groups consist of a number of adult males, about twice as many adult females and their young. Many Old World monkeys live in such groups. Finally, one adult male, several adult females and their young make up the third type of social groups. Within their social groups, monkeys communicate with each other in different ways. Monkeys use vocalizations, various gestures, and different postures to: express different emotions, establish contact and warn about danger. For instance, staring, showing teeth, slapping the ground with their hands indicate irritation and threats. Monkeys are very intelligent and man can interpret a monkey’s means of communication.